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10 Benefits of Offering Live Chat on Your Dealer Website

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Is live chat software for boat dealers really important for your dealership? The answer is a resounding yes. Visitors invited to live chat are 6.3 times more likely to become customers compared to those who don’t offer the feature.

There have been tremendous advancements in technology and buyers now expect immediate attention throughout the buying process. Therefore, instant messaging is booming. Also, customers love having the option to be able to reach businesses in multiple ways. 

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Here are 10 reasons why adding this feature to your website is beneficial:

1. Convenience
Most online shoppers believe that having questions answered through live chat during an online purchase is among the best features that a site can offer. This eases their shopping experience. Their important customer queries are answered instantly, increasing brand trust and convenience in doing business.

2. Reduced Cost
Live chat software for boat dealers reduces unnecessary expenses. The customer is able to quickly reach your support team at the click of a button. This eliminates any extra phone charges that the customer or prospect would have incurred if they were to make a phone call. Reducing the cost of access between you and your customer is always good for business.

You also won’t have to incur extra phone support costs in acquiring a customer, If the whole process is seamlessly handled and completed via chat.

3. Increased Sales
This is certainly a major goal in every company. Businesses use the live chat software for boat dealers to fuel sales. Live chat is proven to improve conversion rate. Blue Soda Promo’s case study showed that 60% of its team’s chats convert into a sale.

4. Provides a Competitive Edge
Websites with Live Chat are reported to have a 75% chance of making more sales, compared to 25% for those without the feature. The majority of online shoppers engage support before making purchases, and do so through a live chat system. Subsequently, having a live chat feature increases customer retention by allowing customers to reach out to your dealership directly before turning to a competitor.

5. Promotes Friendly Interaction
One of the easiest ways through which a company can develop good public relations with customers is through direct interactions. Note that positive PR means enhanced customer satisfaction. It becomes easy to hook customers with the right interaction strategies.

6. Makes It Easy To Understand Customers’ Pains
To maximize sales, it is necessary to understand any hiccups that will be detrimental to your customer’s experience with your business. With live chat software, a customer is given the chance to air grievances directly to the company involved. This means that the company can make any necessary rectifications.

7. Increases Chances for Referrals
Considering that customer satisfaction is one of the benefits linked to the use of live chat software, this increases the dealer’s chances of getting referrals. A satisfied customer is much more likely to bring other persons to buy products from the same place.

8. Efficiency in Customer Service
A high percentage of success in any business is attributed to service efficiency. In this case, efficiency means the speed and flawlessness in service delivery. With a live chat button on your website, it will take less time to attend to your customers than it would to communicate through email for example.

9. Reduction in Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates
Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce businesses face. Live chat software for boat dealers helps to reduce this issue by allowing customers the ability to instantly reach out when they're in need of information. With you walking them through it, they’ll be able to easily complete their purchase.

10. Makes It Easy to Measure Progress
Live chat software for boat dealers enables a dealership to get a clear idea of the amount of people interested in their dealership and its offers. Through interaction and conversation, it becomes easy to record progress results and thereafter employ strategies that can increase profitability. Through the same feature, it becomes easy for a person to understand how satisfied or dissatisfied a customer is.

--It is clear by all means that live chat software for boat dealers is very useful. Add the feature to your dealership website, and you’ll reap the above benefits and more. Customers always value real-time experience with support; it will prove a major leap for your dealership.

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