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There is one channel where speed counts the most – Social Media

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While there has been much to consider with the caution and care of the customer, working closely for quality and never speeding ahead of the process to make sure that customer support is handled efficiently, there is in fact one place where customers expect a speedy response. Think about the overall communications that are sent on social media channels, primarily those like Facebook and Twitter. They are primarily considered to be more of a personal and social form of communication, and the response is an immediate and personal response, not necessarily one that is thoughtful and investigated for the quality of the information at hand. It is important to many social media visitors to at least see the initial response that states there is an answer coming, even if the final one is not received immediately.

Considering studies that have covered the length of time in which customers expect social media responses, just over 40% of those questioned expect answers to their inquiries to be received within 60 minutes. And considering that, some 9% expect response within 5 minutes, 11% within 15 minutes and 12% within 30 minutes. Therefore, meeting the expectations of these customers who look to have their inquiries and requests answered quickly, loyalty and further sales will be built as we have previously seen from the results of quality customer support.

While we know that the customer is the most important, and that meeting customer expectations and keeping all customers happy is most valuable to long-term business, there is much to this speedy social media activity. It has been reported to improve sales by as much as 40% with those customers who appreciate the companies with whom they speak on social media. So, remember to be as speedy as possible and definitely not to ignore customer questions or requests, as social media platforms are the places where negative reviews and responses are most likely to spread, and spread fast.

After keeping your steady, speedy method up-to-date on social media, then it is important to keep an eye and ear out around the site for what is being spread about your company as well. Remember that while you work to spread the name and brand of your company, there can always be words of either type being spread as well. So, continue to engage and communicate with your customers on social media. Doing so will only help your business.

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