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If You Don’t Deliver Great Support, Customers will Leave

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We have been discussing the positive effects of customer service, at all times in the process of sales. It is wise to treat your customers with quality service even before they have made their initial purchase, especially considering the likelihood that the mention of your quality service from another customer is what brought them to you in the first place. There is definitely the need to provide overall incredible customer support for those who return with questions and additional servicing needs as well. Customer reviews and feedback spread out the positive reputation of your business based most importantly upon your customer support that they appreciate so much.

There is also the negative side of what can happen if customer support is not managed properly. Poor service has the potential to drive customers away. Even the customers who may have been happy with the initial product or service that was purchased, there is the potential that a bad customer service experience could turn them off of that business completely. Some studies have shown that 82% of customers are known to leave a company with whom they have done business simply because of poor customer support.

Therefore, the best thing to remember is CUSTOMER SUPPORT. While the importance of presenting quality product and service, there is the best thing to add to your customer service and customer support teams for the long-term maintenance of the customer population. The best thing to remember is that your customers will appreciate the quality of being treated with empathy, and that when their issues are brought to you that apologies, accepting the errors or mistakes that were made, and openly moving to reverse these things are the most important. In this case the customers will believe that you are working for their service and intending for their benefit, which in the long run develops that quality customer service we know so many people tend to pay more for.

"37% of customers are satisfied with service recovery when they are offered something of monetary value ... But when the business adds an apology on top of the compensation, satisfaction doubles to 74%."  - Groove

Some of the best steps to take in helping to build customer support to help keep all those quality customers on your side include adding an image for the comfort of the customer as well as presenting some of those previous customer reviews and feedback to prove your quality customer support up front. While dealing with both the positive and negative situations directly and honestly, working to benefit the customer, there is always the ability to develop the strong relationship and keep them working with your company. 

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