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How To Inspire Staff Loyalty and Workplace Excitement

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Loyalty and excitement in the workplace can be a difficult aura to manage, from both sides of the fence. Employees can find themselves frustrated and undervalued or the employer can see a lack of work or energy on the side of employees. Workplace morale can heavily effect productivity and for that it is important to keep staff energy, excitement and loyalty at its best.

Here are four leading points to help everyone happily work well together:

  1. Give and receive respect together.
  2. Create growth opportunities along several paths.
  3. Allow flexibility in many different areas, from scheduling to benefits and more.
  4. Avoid micromanagement, and spread the management process to be more of a team effort.

Remember that these are only four key points that can help start the process to building a more loyal and lively workplace environment. If your employees feel that you are working to support them, then they will in turn continue to put in the work to support the business.

The first of these points is very simple and essential. If you have expressed openly to your employees that you respect them and the work they are doing, you will receive the same in return. There are so many different ways that this respect and appreciation can be expressed to your employees, and learning the best ways to do so can be done with some simple questionnaires or surveys as to what your employees like.

Second, the growth opportunities available to your employees should open up among all different doors to the potential career paths any of them would like to take. Again, this can mean the need for open and regular communication with your employees, especially as you start to show them they have the opportunity for growth and development within the same company. They would then maintain respect and loyalty, without any desire to leave.

The third point of flexibility can actually fall upon many areas of the company. These range from flexible scheduling, availability to choose the benefits that best fit an employee’s life, offering living income levels and many more. This is another place where it will be important from the moment an employee is first taken in with the company, and consistently thereafter, to maintain regular communication and make management available for conversation and requests as needed. Life changes and it’s important that your dealership is understanding and accommodating for all team members.

And, finally, there is always a positive side to avoiding micromanagement. As mentioned previously, there is a great benefit to teaching your employees to working together as a team from top to bottom. The managers do not need to hover over the shoulders of employees, watching every single task in detail. There is a benefit to communicate openly, ask questions as needed, and work together for the completion of every project correctly and on time.

As mentioned above, these are only four of the many ways to inspire staff loyalty and workplace excitement. Ensuring that your employees and their lives are valued will surely work in the favor of your company. Stay tuned for more articles on the subject. More specifically, how investing in fun for your team increases productivity.

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