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Are Newsletters beneficial?

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With the existence of various forms of marketing tools, newsletters have not appealed to many marketers as a central avenue to generate leads and increase sales. However, after a complete comprehension of the primary function of newsletters, we can rule that it is an essential marketing tool that every business needs to embrace. Like other forms of marketing, newsletters’ impact on many businesses is quantifiable.   The companies which use this medium also pay keen attention to the technological advances made in content marketing. Adopting Email-Newsletters (E-newsletter) for them has proved to be the cheapest means of relaying significant information to prospects about their products and services. Additionally, E-newsletters, if well-crafted with relevant evidence to clients, can transform leads to sales. Newsletter's past glory was generated from the printed ones. But as a business, the behavior of your target audience regarding leads and open rates will enable you to select either print or e-newsletters, or a combination would serve the best interest of marketing. With a newsletter, gauging the result is simple. For instance,

  • An increase in prospects correlates to the number of subscribers.
  • Reading the newsletters is quantified by the open rates.
  • Click through rates measures the desired action by your consumers.
  • Finally, the revenue generated would be as a result of the number of purchases.

This is the tip of the iceberg of newsletters. There are numerous underlying reasons as to why taking up them will drive your sales. To realize benefits, investing your capital, time and energy are mandatory. Just because they are directing more traffic to your competitors’ website doesn’t mean they will do the same to your site. There are best practices that go in hand with creation and sending of a newsletter. However, in this issue, we will not indulge much in them.

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Here is why newsletters are beneficial to your dealership:

  1. Improves Brand Awareness
    Ever heard of 90/10 rule of newsletter creation? It is the recommended ration of informational content vs. sales content – 90% Informative / 10% Sales. Respecting this rule and applying it gives a better edge over competitors to relay relevant information concerning your brand. Newsletters offer a better medium to provide not just adequate information but also relevant content which will drive them to make a purchase or take a step towards that. Your prospect must get the idea of how to deal with your brand after acknowledging its existence in the market. This will also be a basis upon which consumers decide on whether to proceed or reject association due to the first impression derived from the newsletter.
  1. Establishes Business Expertise and Credibility.
    Your newsletter content will speak volumes about your business integrity. Invest as much energy and time in drafting content which addresses your target audience. Additionally, the referral sources, news and blogs you chose to include shows consumers your extent of knowledge in the industry. A good partnership with reputable organizations is a positive indicator of strength and trustworthiness of a firm. Therefore, upholding a professional tone and incorporating some dependable referral sources are a key way to boost your credibility and prove your know-how.
  1. Builds Consumer Trust and Loyalty.
    It’s prudent to note that prospects don’t buy because you sell. They do so because they trust and are loyal to what you offer. They are big fans of your business because the exciting product or services you are offering resonates with them. How does it help your firm achieve this? Well, regular newsletters make communication personal and intimate to your prospective clients. As a firm, you will like to get feedback after sending the newsletter. It’s through the consumer inputs where you will customize your services to best suit your target clients. Acknowledging and making necessary adjustments to your products and services makes consumers feel appreciated as a “family” to the business.
  1. Increases Traffic to your Website
    Everyone aspiring to do business has an email. According to Hubspot’s marketing statistics, 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily. (Statista, 2015) An email newsletter can improve your web traffic through links. If the e-newsletter was designed to be brief, then provision of links will direct your prospect to get more info. Even though there is a low probability of consumers sharing the newsletter, in that event, you will record an increased website visit. You should proceed with caution when sending regular email newsletters to prospective clients. This is because 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails.  (Hubspot 2016)
  1. Shortens Sales Process
    A better-informed client will save you time in explaining the basics of the purchasing process. Their basic knowledge will facilitate a faster execution of a transaction. Typical advertising wouldn’t achieve this.

Newsletters are beneficial when the right strategy has been employed. Spend some time learning how best to utilize newsletters to the benefit of your business, and you will register increased revenue from your business.

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