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8 Microsite Campaign Ideas for Boat Dealers

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Benefits of the microsite campaign work well for boat dealers all over the country! There is much to present for current and future customers alike through online marketing, and there are many potential campaigns that you could use based upon the different boats and services your company offers. It is great to realize the benefits of microsite campaigns before beginning, then your team will be able to plan best for the type of campaign that will work for your company. No matter whether your sales are boats, boat service, fishing and other on-the-water trips, boat docks and much more, there is always a way to market with online strength to customers everywhere.

Here are eight potential starting points for the creation of your company’s next microsite:

  1. News – whether it be reviews or blogs from other customers, the latest is out there.
  2. Marketing – work out the best plan to reach out to your desired market ASAP.
  3. Specials – there is always a good deal that will catch the eye of the new lead and pull them into the landing page.
  4. Promotions – no matter the holiday or other special event going on in your area, there is always a promotion that can be created for the combined benefit of the customer and your business.
  5. Sales and Discounts – all customers are looking for sales online, so those are ones that will catch the eyes of everyone looking through the boat market.
  6. Services – presenting the services offered by your company are a great benefit for existing boaters, customers and other potential leads, especially because not too many can service their own boats regularly.
  7. Customer Relations – creating a site for the communication with customers is a great way to keep up the view of incredible customer service and maintain steady relationships with all customers, current and future. Be there to answer any and all questions comfortably!
  8. Adding new products and services – there should always be the “New” page which is there to present every new product and service that your company will be offering, and then leading to the other presentations that are available on your site.

First you can post your own company news or link to industry and other business news through one of your microsites. Create your own blog where your internal news is presented, where customers and site visitors can communicate as well. The news of the industry where you are linked serve as a sort of SEO where the increased mention of your company’s name increases your placement in search results.

Next there is the basic return to the online marketing tool, most often inbound marketing, that will draw the attention of boat shoppers to your site.

Third there is the ability to create a specific microsite within your web page the presents the recent specials your company has provided and the ones that will be coming in the near future.

Similar to the specials, microsites for each promotion your company presents both online and in-store can catch the eye of every boat shopper in the progress of searching for the perfect item. With the products and services, you present to your desired market every promotion presented on the microsites can also serve as additional SEO increasing your placement in the search engine results.

Also, similar to specials, it is important to remember that all shoppers at times are looking for sales and discounts, hoping for the best deal possible that can be acquired for their purchase.

If your company provides boat services for customers this is a productive microsite that can be added to your web page. Because not too many boaters are able to complete their own maintenance and service it is important for them to see a quality service company when they enter their search keywords online. If your company can present great service, your name will show up near the top of the list.

Are you a quality team concerned with customer service and customer relations? Then this is another microsite that can be added to your page, providing the ability for your marketing and customer service team to communicate closely with existing customers and leads, answering any questions and providing advice and direction on possible purchase decisions. Building customer relationships can be started and maintained online, and those customers who end up trusting you pass along the word of your incredible customer service rating.

Finally, it is important to present the new products and services you will be offering to customers! Whether they begin from your homepage, are included within other microsites as well, these are the best presentations to be seen by current and potential customers. If they know your business is always building and improving, they will see that more is to come as they shop for a new product or need further service later. If you keep your company name and the product names often in your microsite content, along with the links that also help SEO, customers searching for these new items will find you in the leading results. You will be the most popular company to turn to for all their boating needs! The more content the better.

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